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When you think of the Cherry Gumbo strain think “cherry bubblegum”, because that’s the basis for the flavor and aroma. Currently available from DC i-71 marijuana delivery service, Juice’d, this batch of it certainly has obvious (and delicious) cherry notes as well.
Dense dark green buds with purple flecks and heavy trichomes. Looks a lot like a top-shelf OG.

Fresh with many starry trichomes still visible, especially on the inside.

Tart fruit and a distinct cherry essence with notes of fuel, skunk, and pine.
Deliciously funky, fruity, and tart with hints of earth and fuel.

The Gumbo strain and it’s offshoots have lineages that are shrouded in mystery. We do know that the Madison Square Gumbo is a cross of Cookies & Cream and Secret Weapon that runs indica dominant.

This batch resembles and has similar effects as some top-shelf OG Kush with an immense body high, lots of euphoric tingles, and an overt feeling of calm. I instantly kissed all the aches and pains from my week goodbye and was so mellow I just wanted to cozy up in a blanket on the couch. Best for evenings and before bed given the sedative nature.


  • Indulge in Cherry Gumbo

    Cherry Gumbo, an Indica strain, is now available through DC i-71 marijuana delivery service, Juice’d. Known for its "cherry bubblegum" flavor and aroma, Cherry Gumbo promises a unique and potent experience.


    Cherry Gumbo has dense, dark green buds with purple flecks and heavy trichomes. It looks similar to top-shelf OG strains. The buds are fresh, with starry trichomes especially visible inside.

    Aroma and Flavor

    - Aroma: Tart fruit and cherry essence with notes of fuel, skunk, and pine.

    - Flavor: Funky, fruity, and tart with hints of earth and fuel.

    Mysterious Lineage

    Cherry Gumbo’s exact origins are unknown. However, it is linked to Madison Square Gumbo, a cross between Cookies & Cream and Secret Weapon, making it an indica-dominant strain.


    Cherry Gumbo offers effects similar to top-shelf OG Kush. Expect an immense body high, euphoric tingles, and a deep sense of calm. It’s perfect for evening use or before bed, helping to melt away stress and aches.

    - Body High: Strong and soothing.

    - Euphoric Tingles: Blissful and enhancing well-being.

    - Calm and Sedative: Ideal for relaxation and sleep.

    Why Choose Cherry Gumbo?

    - Top-Shelf Quality: Dense, trichome-rich buds.

    - Distinctive Flavor: Unique cherry bubblegum taste.

    - Potent Effects: Strong body high and sedative properties.

    Order Cherry Gumbo Today

    Experience Cherry Gumbo, a premium indica strain with rich flavors and powerful effects. Order your 3.5g Exotics +++ from Juice’d today and enjoy why Cherry Gumbo is a top choice among cannabis enthusiasts.

    Elevate your evenings with Cherry Gumbo – delightful flavors and deep relaxation.

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