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A sativa-dominant strain, the Melonade offers a clear and inspired high produces dense, colorful buds and a generous yield. The citrusy and floral profile has a sweet watermelon lemonade taste that tastes like the end of a bowl of Fruity Pebbles cereal milk.

Looks: I wouldn’t say Melonade is a “purple” strain, but the nugs are very susceptible to the color, with less-purple versions looking olive- or pear-shaded. Limited pistil coverage, thick trichome coverage and dense, divided plant nodes give the strain strong visual appeal.

Smell: Melonade’s aroma is very sweet, but not in the acidic way that shoots right up the bridge of my nose. Instead, the strain’s fruity flavor is more of a ripe honeydew with sour overtones, with subtle hints of Kush hanging around in the back.

Flavor: Melonade’s tart lemon characteristics are stronger in the smoke, but those honeydew flavors are still present, sticking to the sides of my tongue like candy until an earthy aftertaste and dry mouth take over.

Effects: Melonade is a great daytime strain, whether you’re inside or outside. I’d prefer something physical to occupy all the energy, but the euphoric rush from Melonade doesn’t affect concentration much, allowing me to zip through a good book or home chores when properly motivated. It’s best suited for a day in the sun, though, so don’t be afraid to sip on Melonade before an outing. Keep moving and don’t go too long without food, however, or the comedown is strong

Melonade 3.5g SATIVA INDOOR


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