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Paradox Solventless.
This group started in 2020 based out of Los Angeles with the goal of bringing affordable, high-quality, tireless rosin to market. They believe that the current tier system many vendors use is inaccurate. That Cannabis rosin if done correctly should be a reflection of the starting product and not how it’s been processed.

They grow their plants outdoors in all natural sunlight, to full term. No harvesting early to ensure a lighter press (from less mature trichomes) and end product.

Their motto, “Fire In, Fire Out” is something they take very seriously. So much so that they’ve taken multiple awards since opening up in 2020, including 1st Place for Best Rosin at the 420 Farms Cup.
Excellent terps! The flavor is never a problem with this brand.
Very smooth. Doesn’t scorch too easily.
Very strong effects overall.
Very affordable at $40/g depending on the retailer.

PARADOX 1g LIVE ROSIN CA product 🔥🔥🔥


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