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Pink Panties is a strain created by Cookie Fam, the breeders group that developed the famous Girl Scout Cookies. It is a cross between Burmese Kush and Florida Kush. Pink Panties has been used as a parental in several prestigious marijuana varieties such as Sunset Sherbet (Girl Scout Cookies x Pink Panties) or Acai Berry Gelato (Pink Panties x Sunset Sherbet)

Pink Panties is a 85/15 Indica Sativa genetics that adapts well to indoor and outdoor cultivation when the climate is suitable. It has a flowering period of about 60-70 days, offering a high quality flower harvest.

It produces very striking buds typical of Indica dominant plants, compact and very dense flowers in the form of golf balls. The colours are dark green and some phenotypes can acquire purple tones. Pistils quickly turn orange and pink, a characteristic that has given the variety its name.

Pink Panties relaxes Body and Mind and relieves pain

Pink Panties offers citric Kush flavours, with buds emanating an aroma similar to that experienced during consumption. Intense lemon flavour in a sweet base with earthy tones one can never forget.

It produces a relaxing effect ideal for relieving anxiety, stress and any pain by calming both body and mind. This genetics has a high THC level and can cause thirst and dry mouth, thus it is recommended to hydrate after consumption, smoked or vaporised.



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