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  • Royal Runtz solves a big problem when it comes to strain selection. We don’t all have unlimited space, and shopping for seeds usually involves trading off one trait for another. Not anymore. This hard-hitting variety offers all that you’re after in one, aromatic botanical package. Gear up for 34%  THC, sugary terps, and rewarding yields.
    There are tasty strains. There are potent strains. There are productive strains. And then there are strains like Royal Runtz that combine all three of these traits into one. But how did she end up so well-rounded? Far from a genetic luck of the draw, the breeders at RQS worked diligently to create this incredible strain using some of the most sought-after parent strains available. Royal Runtz packs an abundance of terpenes, more THC than most can handle, and superb yields at the end of a brief flowering phase. Let us tell you more about Royal Runtz, her background, what to expect when smoking, and how to grow her successfully. Discover Runtz weed.

    As a USA premium variety, it won’t shock you to learn that Royal Runtz descends from two of the nation’s biggest cannabis superstars: Gelato and Zkittlez. Sure, countless strains hail from the United States, but few have gained such international recognition and acclaim. Gelato shot to fame riding the reception of her terpene profile; this strain stinks, in a good way! Her fruity and sweet aromas made her an instant hit, and high levels of the terpene caryophyllene make for a soothing and relaxing high.

    Then we have Zkittlez, a variety that sounds suspiciously like a popular candy (and for good reason). As one of the sugariest strains out there, this variety will make the taste buds on the tip of your tongue tingle. But her winning attributes don’t stop there. A THC content of 34% a CBG content of 1%, and great productivity make her a unique favourite among cannabis connoisseurs.

    Our skilled breeders took these parent strains and let their talent loose. It didn’t take them long to identify the best specimens and develop what would become Royal Runtz. This shining successor offers sweet tastes, extreme levels of THC (surpassing both of her parents), and yields that will keep you elevated for weeks. Her perfectly balanced genetic profile, consisting of 50% sativa and 50% indica, makes her appealing to all manner of growers, and her massive mind-body high

Royal Runtz 3.5 grams

  • thc 33%

  • 3.5 grams 

    Euphoric 56 % 

    Happy 54 % 

    Uplifted 51 % 

    Creative 45 % 

    Energetic 45 %

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