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From the makers of the original Sauce Bar. All the things you love about the Sauce Bar disposable but with double the LIVE RESIN! That’s right, 2 Grams (2000MG) of potent oil, testing at an average 90% THC. Comes with a built in window to track how much oil is remaining and its even rechargeable via Micro-USB. Perfect for the daily vape smoker or for those who like to share! Available in various flavors.

SAUCE XLPurple Kush (Indica), Ice Wreck (Indica), Zkittlez (Indica), Tropic Haze (Indica), Strawberry Cough (Sativa), Platinum Rose (Sativa), Super Blue Diesel (Sativa), White Widow (Hybrid), Apple Fritter (Hybrid), Sundream Gelato (Hybrid), Apple Fritter (Hybrid)

Sauce Bar XL DIsposable NEW !!! 2grams


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