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The delicious NBK X Sunset sherbet(sunset sherbert) X Sour Apple strains were crossed to produce the Sour Apple Killer strain which is a wonderful evenly balanced hybrid strain (50% indica/50% Sativa). Do you enjoy a strong sour apple flavour? This bud strain delivers on all counts, with a powerful candy apple taste that puckers your lips.

The sour apple overtone is accented by sharp zesty lemon and light spices in the aroma, which is just as tangy as it was in the flavour. Almost as soon as you take your first deep breath, a feeling of sugar rush elation will wash over you. You’ll feel happier while a permeating sensation of calm works its way through both mind and body, leaving you feeling completely sedated yet totally at ease which is a whole new level.

The sour apple killer high does not hit immediately, and you will doze off into a long and restful sleep as the high begins to wear off. Sour Apple Killer is frequently used to treat chronic stress or anxiety, peaceful sleep, persistent chronic pain, muscle spasms or cramps, and sadness because of its powerful 28-34% THC average.

Sour Apple Killer strain is said to be ideal for daytime or evening use depending on tolerance level. Newer smokers may want to take caution with this strain, as Sour Apple Killer’s potency can easily overwhelm less experienced users.

Sour Apple Killer 🔥🔥3.5 grams


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