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  • How to place order ?
    STEP 1 Please begin by viewing our menu (or click SHOP NOW Step 2 add product to cart step 3 select delivery/pick-up option step 4 place order Step 5 after order Please text 6468180996 With your name and order number for ETA
  • Where do you deliver?
    Currently we deliver premium cannabis products in new york, brooklyn , manhattan , queens from renowned licensed dispensaries. Flower, vapes, pre-rolled joints and blunts, edibles, concentrates, and accessories—we deliver it all ASAP locally here in the city.estion go to app settings and press "Manage Questions" button. we dont do delivery in long island
  • How long does it usually take after order.
    we offer same day delivery . usually we do delivery with in 1-2 hours depends on locations
  • is store shopping or walkins or store front availble ?
    we do not have store front so no store shopping availble but we offer free pickup our pickup location is Astoria queens
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