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Wedding Cake has become one of the most popular strains to cross with anything and everything. One of the more rare and flavorful offspring of the Wedding Cakeis the Florida Cake strain. By crossing the classic cultivar, Triangle Kush, with Wedding Cake you end up with this dense, sticky, and potent strain. Reeking of floral, sweet, and peppery aromas, the Florida Cake strain may make your nostrils flare in excitement.A nug of the Florida Cake strain strikes a considerable resemblance to its parent strain, Triangle Kush. Dense, dark yellow, and green leaves largely make up its surface, with flecks of purple reminding you it’s Wedding Cake origins. The resin coating the nug makes it sticky and feel like a rock when you’re breaking it apart. Looking inside, you can see an equally healthy coating of trichomes and some darker hues in the foliage.The dominant terpenes in the Florida Cake strain may include myrcene, limonene, and beta-caryophyllene. While the strain still retains the sweet floral cake flavors of its Wedding Cake parent, the peppery-spice with citrus notes from the Triangle Kush prevails. From these terpenes, you can infer that this strain may produce an array of stress-relieving and bodily relaxing effects.



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